Video Planning – 5 Questions to ask

5 Questions to Ask when Planning a Video

Have you decided to include video to your marketing strategy for 2023?  This is a great first step. Before you get the camera ready, asking the following 5 questions as part of the planning process will help you to create effective videos for your target audience.

Q1)      What type of video content are you planning?

Would you like to create a promotional video to raise brand awareness or to highlight a new product or service?  If you would like to visually showcase how your product/service works, a demo or how-to video works really well in this situation.  Client video testimonials can be very powerful, as potential customers place value in feedback from your existing customers.

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Q2)      Who is your target audience?

The answers to this specific question and the earlier question relating to the video type can be addressed at the same time.  Once you know who are targeting, the type of video you need to create becomes clearer.

If you know where they are in the sales funnel, you can choose the most appropriate type of video to build a connection with them.

Building brand awareness for your business works well for attracting new visitors to your website/social channels.

If you are converting visitors to leads, client testimonial videos can be very powerful.

For customer service teams, it can be very helpful for them to have their Frequently Asked Questions on video, so that they can share commonly needed information quickly with customers.

Q3)      What messages will you share?

Another important aspect is to consider is what messages you wish to share through the video.  Will your tone be formal or informal?

Some videos work well as voice-over and others work best with you or another team member speaking to camera.

Whatever video type or style is used, keep in mind that on video – the more concise the message, the more effective it will be!

Q4)      Details on the location of the video shoot?

The specifics on where to conduct the video shoot should ideally be covered as early as possible.  For example, a few of the important aspects to think about include:

  • Will it be on-site at your premises or at an alternative location?
  • Are you planning on using one or multiple camera angles?
  • What lighting and sound equipment will be most appropriate for the location and the video content?
  • Depending on the location, you may need to get special permission or keep background activities in mind (e.g. if capturing external footage background noise or interruptions may be an issue)

Q5)      Why embrace video now?

We understand that embracing video is an excellent way for all of us as consumers to learn and retain information.  The visual nature of video material facilitates this.  These videos can be short promotional clips for brand awareness or longer videos which share educational content.

Research by Hubspot & Wyzowl shares interesting statistics such as:

  • 96% of marketers agree that videos have helped increase user understanding of their product or service
  • 87% of marketers feel that video has a direct, positive impact on sales.

Video allows us to build an emotional connection with our audience, through movement, imagery and storytelling.

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