Video Content Ideas for your Business

What is the first thing you think of when planning to create a ‘business video’ ?

It is highly likely that a promotional piece comes to mind initially.  However, the options for using video are so versatile. There are many different types of video content that will help your customers and provide value.

Whatever your target market, video material can help you tap into viewers’ emotions in a powerful, visual and engaging way.  The following are 5 informational and behind the scenes video content ideas that you could use in your business.

Video Content Ideas 

How-To Videos

Demo Image
How To Demo

These are an ideal medium to visually showcase how your product, system or service works and to highlight the benefits.

For sales and customer facing staff, think of the time-savings if video material is available to explain the basic aspects.  Any follow-up interactions can then be used to focus on more specific questions, for each individual’s needs.

Demo videos are a great way to outline a step by step process; such as a cookery demo or home DIY instructions.

The following is an example from one of our recent customs projects which outlines the steps required to source the correct classification code from the Taric database:

Customer Support – FAQ

Each business is likely to have a list of questions that their team are asked most often.

FAQ Image
FAQ image

There are many advantages to recording short video clips with the answers and posting these regularly to your website and social media:

1) Time saving – avoids staff having to provide the same answers to frequently asked questions

2) Videos increase brand awareness and encourage returning website visits

3) Videos are more likely to be re-shared across social media

4) Consistency of the message is improved

Educational/Training videos

Video based learning can be used for a wide variety of situations & topics.  In recent times we have seen the accelerated transition from classroom training to online and blended learning material.  We recently shared an online poll asking “why would businesses create a video?”

The results showed that the option “Educate customers” was rated at 33%.

The following are two examples where online videos work well:

HR Induction videos /Internal Staff videos

These are very beneficial for new employees as part of the induction process and present an engaging way to provide details of the business culture and processes.

It is also an innovative way to channel important management messages to all staff members in a consistent manner.

Continuing Professional Development – CPD

Many professions require this on an annual basis.  By providing video material, this allows the participants to take the training at a time that suits them.

Online videos can be used to provide new information relating to external changes e.g. Brexit related changes as shown in this sample extract clip:

Behind the Scenes

This is another aspect that has gained in popularity in recent years. With the increased use of smartphones and the ‘live video’ features of many applications, it is very easy to share where you are and what you are doing with others.

Your Story Image
What’s your story

You can use video content to tell your unique story. The following are few examples:

  • About your business, your team and how and where to contact you
  • You may have a new service that has been recently added to your business offering
  • Share details about a new product launch

Interviews and Testimonials

Regular interviews with staff members will allow customers (and new prospective staff members) to understand the people and culture behind the brand.  They will get a feel for the type of workplace – through the eyes of the employee.

Client video testimonials can be very powerful – customers value feedback from other customers.

Whatever video material you ultimately decide to create, the importance of including it in your communication and marketing strategy is clear.  The following are a couple of significant statistics from recent Hubspot trends for 2023:

50% of marketers are using videos in their marketing strategy

At 25%, video has the highest ROI of any of the media formats

For tips on planning your video review our recent blog: Video Planning and Shooting Tips

To find out more about video content ideas and for other video related queries please contact us: