Use Video to Develop Connections

I have recently been reminded of how powerful video imagery and music are at evoking emotion, as I viewed a number of music videos from the 1980s! These clips brought back memories of my teenage years – and a feeling of nostalgia!

In a similar way, creating video for your business can help you to build powerful connections with your target audience.  They are excellent at conveying emotion.

By sharing your message through video, there are many benefits, including business growth, increased engagement and brand trust.

The following are 3 of the creative ways you can use video to develop connections with your clients, employees or networking members.


Video storytelling is a very effective way to develop brand awareness.  In a visually engaging way you can address the pain point/problem area of your target audience.  By using relevant imagery you can highlight how your product or service can help to resolve this issue.

Consistent imagery reinforces message
Use consistent imagery

As you consider the main purpose and aim of your story, consider how you want your audience to feel after they have watched your video?  What is the main emotion you wish to convey? (e.g. happiness, hope, or motivation)

Consistent imagery, tone and colours will reinforce the message and branding of your business video.  The location, background and format that you choose can have an influence on the story and on how your audience engages and connects with it.


In today’s world where we tend to invest time in online research before making (significant) purchases, how can you help your brand to stand out?  In addition to using the traditional marketing activities, reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers are even more powerful.

By encouraging your clients to share messages and testimonials on camera, they can be very effective ‘cheerleaders’ in highlighting the benefits of your product/service.  If they share how your brand has helped them with their pain-point, other ideal clients will be able to relate to this message.

Behind the Scenes

Showcasing behind the scenes imagery of your business (the person/team behind the brand), is an excellent way to develop connections with your target audience.

For example, you may be planning to add new members to your team or group.  By sharing video clips of current members talking about their experiences, this can be very effective at highlighting the culture and tone.  Potential or new employees, get to ‘experience’ the new team they are joining.

As mentioned earlier in relation to the music videos, colour, movement and audio aspects each play a part in how we feel, as we review the imagery.

Imagery conveys emotion
Encourage Audience Connection

Videos that are educational & informational are extremely helpful as a visual showcase on how a product/service works.  Using imagery and audio elements helps the user with their retention of the important details.

As you structure and style your video story, think about the follow-up action you wish your audience to take at the end of the video.  Do you want them to visit your website, contact you directly, or register for an upcoming event?

For more tips on video storytelling and video development, our Video Vision call is a free, no obligation call you can use to discuss your audio-visual needs. This call provides you with an opportunity to clarify the message you’d like to share with your target audience and explore which type of video material would help you develop connections & achieve your goals.

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