The Value of Project Planning – Video Case Study

I love to plan our video projects; each one has its own unique elements and requirements.

Not everyone feels comfortable with the planning aspects though. This case study overview highlights the value of planning and preparation, for each specific video project.

Video Case Study highlights

1 Overall Video Project:

For this one overall video project, various elements needed to be considered during the planning phase.  There were multiple teams involved with the creation of a variety of outputs for the client.

3 Project Teams to co-ordinate

We had 3 different teams to manage in 1 video shoot location.  Therefore it was important that each person and team knew their roles, responsibilities and timings before the video shoot process started.

9 Team members sharing brand messages to camera. 

There were 9 different team members recording brand messages on camera; some of these messages were short, some contained more detail. Advanced preparation was essential for this, especially as many of the recordings were unscripted.

Once we called โ€œActionโ€ โ€“ each team member was familiar with the information they wished to cover.  Re-takes were always an option and it was comforting for each person to know this.  In many cases they did not need to re-record.

8 Outputs for sharing the brand messages online

In conjunction with our client, 8 different videos were identified well in advance of the video shoot date.  This ensured that we knew the specific messages we needed to capture, how they were going to be recorded & edited and the imagery we planned to use.

6 Hours for the Video Shoot

With multiple teams and people involved and extensive material to cover, it was important to have a clear plan for the video shoot day.

Our project manager used the shot-list and project plan to ensure that each team member knew the required steps.  This allowed us to cover the full video shoot element within 6 hours.

The post-project review gave us an opportunity to reflect on the success and achievements at each phase and highlighted once again the value of project planning. 

Receiving positive feedback from the client on delivery of the edited videos is always a positive outcome and an endorsement of our business processes.

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