Choosing Green Opal Media as our business name

Choosing a business name can be challenging – however selecting Green Opal Media felt right for us!

Firstly, there is the alignment of these precious green opal gemstones with our business culture.  It highlights aspects that we cherish such as care, attention and high value.

This is how we treat each client/customer project that we work on.  Throughout the whole video development process we take care to follow-through on the requirements of our clients.  We pay specific attention to detail so that the results are an engaging visual representation of their important brand message.

But don’t just take our word for it!  Here is a sample of the comments from our recent clients:

“We were guided through each stage of the project by Estelle and her team and we were hugely impressed by their professionalism and attention to detail”  Stephen McLoughlin

“This is our first adventure into the world of online training and your help and expertise has made it a pleasant and enjoyable journey for us”  Liam Davis

“Their professionalism, knowledge and flexibility were the key to the success of our project”  Henry Moran

Nature Image

Protection of the beauty of nature and the environment is very important to us. We are therefore privileged to link our business brand with this visually appealing miracle of nature (the green opal). We regularly use our trips in nature to remind ourselves of the natural beauty all around us and this provides inspiration for our visual imagery.

In addition to our choice of business name, our brand colours and logo design also emphasise our important company values of trust, dependability and our desire to cherish nature.

Green Opal Media Logo

If you would like to find out how we would value your video project from start to finish – and treat it with care and attention, please contact us at:

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